Captain America, Bucky Barnes
Avengers Sketch Card – Day 1

2011 is a new year and I’m giving myself a new personal challenge. Last year a did a couple of sketch cards. I had intended to do one every day, unfortunately I didn’t follow through. But this year I’m challenging myself again! Heck yeah! My goal is to have 365 Sketch Cards done by the end of the year!

The cards I draw last year were of Thor and Hawkeye of the Avengers. This year I’m going to continue with the Avengers themed sketch cards. I’ve always been a huge fan of the Avengers, in fact the first comic book I read was an Avenges book. Also the Avengers movie is being filmed in my back yard of Albuquerque, NM this summer. So it just feels right!

Here’s my first Avengers sketch card for the year, the New Captain America a.k.a Bucky. It’s a quick sketch that took be about 16 minutes. I used an HB .05 mechanical pencil. The reflective nature of the costume was challenging, but I think it came out ok. I had fun with this sketch card!