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Damon O’Keefe’s Portfolio

Damon O’Keefe’s Portfolio Damon is an animator and artist living in Los Angeles. He has worked in the animation industry for over 10 years on a variety of shows, including Coconut Fred’s Fruit Salad Island, Metalocalypse, El Tigre,...

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Dennis Culver’s Sketchjournal

Dennis Culver’s Sketchjournal The daily sketchjournal of Dennis Culver, artist of True Tales of Rollerderby and the upcoming Odd Schnozz and The Odd Squad both from Oni Press. > Go back to Favorite Blogs.

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The Mike Hawthorne Sketchbook

The Mike Hawthorne Sketchbook Mike Hawthorne is an artist, designer, and cartoonist. His work has been nominated for both an Eisner and Harvey award, and worked with clients like FOX Films, Universal Studios, The 76ers, Marvel Comics, DC/Vertigo,...

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Scatchblag Cory Walker is a comic book artist and penciler. He is best known for work on Image Comics’ Invincible (2003) a series and character he co-created with writer Robert Kirkman. He recently illustrated two issues of Shadowpact...