I’ve decided to give myself a daily exercise to help in my drawing skills. I call it The Daily Comic Sketch Challenge. This next week I will be doing a quick drawing for only 30 minutes. These drawing will be of random comic book characters. Not only will I get to draw some different characters, but it will help in sharpening my drawing skills.

Last week I asked for suggestion through my Twitter and DevaintArt accounts on who I should draw. I received a lot of great ideas. Here is a list of which characters I will be drawing this 1st week.

1.Manhunter-Marc-Shaw Monday: Manhunter IV (Marc Shaw)
2.The-Maxx Tuesday: The Maxx
3.The-Enchantress Wednesday: Enchantress (Marvel)
4.Modok Thursday: Modok
5.Dee-Dee-Twins Friday: Dee-Dee twins (Batman Beyond)

I’ll be posting a new Daily Comic Sketch every day. If you have any suggestion on who I should draw next, please let me know. – SHAZAM!

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