I was going through some of my old sketches the other day. I have a personal treasury of character designs and comic book drawings. Back in the day I would live to come up with new characters.  It seems I don’t draw as much now as I did back then (and I draw a lot now). I’d draw and come up with a new characters every day.

On one of my inspirational days I can up with a character named Nemcromn. You can check out some redesign sketches I’ve done of him on a previous post “Nemcromn Character Design Sketches” On that day I came up with both Nemcromn and his main adversary “The Hunter”. Here are the initial drawings of “The Hunter”. I had just seen the move Blade and was really in to Brom art at the time. I think his design is very much inspired by both.

The original design of The Hunter was done sometime in 1998-1999. Ten years later in 2009 I found my sketch and decided to change it up a bit. I had redesigned  Nemcromn and wrote a new extensive biography for him and given him a new adversary “The Radiant Guardian”. I decided to change  “The Hunter” too. He was now an assassin/hunter who now worked for Nemcromn.  The Hunter and a new character I came up with, named the Grimm Creeper would now be Nemcromn’s most deadly assassins always trying to out do each other for his favor. You can check out Grimm Creeper’s original and resign on a previous post “Grimm Creeper, Hand Scythe Weapons

With the redesign I made him a little bulkier. These are quick sketches to get the feel and general look of The Hunter. My drawing style has changed in 10 years When drawing a quick idea sketch I want to get his  look down. These drawings look a little rough, what I’m trying to do is get my ideas down on paper before I lose them. I’m not as concerned about making them look perfect on these initial drawings, that will come later when I draw him in a pinup of in some sequential pages.

In my next post I’ll be showing a Pin-Up drawing I did of “The Hunter”.  This will be a more defined drawing. So keep an eye out.