While looking through some of my drawing from ten years ago I found a character design I did for “The Hunter”. Form that original sketch I redesigned his look and biography. The newer design sketches were a little rough, but they were intentionally quick to get my thought down on paper. You can see the original sketch and the redesign on my previous post The Hunter – Character Design – From Sketches to Final Ink – Part 1.

Once I had the look for The Hunter down, then I could start having fun. I decided to draw him in an action pose, jumping at a target with his gun and sword ready for battle. I tried playing with shadows, perspective and highlights. In the past year I’ve been refining theses elements in my drawings. They have been helpful in me finding my own comic book art style.

Now that I’ve got an awesome action pose drawing I was ready to ink it. I’ve been digitally inking my pencils for the past year. For this drawing I wanted to go old school and ink with real inks, but I didn’t want to lose my original pencils. So what I did was scan the drawing and turned the pencil lines blue in Adobe Photoshop (being the crafty graphic designer I am). I then printed the pencils on card stock paper and was ready to ink traditionally.

Right on! My next post will show the cool inking of this Pin-up. I’ll also have a video of me inking. So keep an eye out.